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Electrical Estimating Service

Electrical Estimating Service
Industrial Tests, Inc. has created a new Electrical Testing Estimating Cloud Based Tool that we are our offering to everyone for free. We have hopes that this internet service will augment the traditional form of NETA testing quotes, and therefore streamlining our ability to have our services reach you.

We boastfully and proudly represent the very first, one of a kind, automated electrical estimating tool that’s available to anyone. Electrical Contractor’s are the ideal candidates for utilizing this tool, no one understands the time constraints and ongoing pressure to meet deadlines more than a Project Manager for a General Contractor. This is precisely why an on-line and fully automated quote generator for electrical testing would easily reduce unnecessary delays in ongoing projects matter, no matter how small or how large they might be. The Testimator™ is not just for contractors though; this beneficial tool can be utilized by any facilities or maintenance managers out there. We are allowing you to have free reign and full freedom in preparing your own quote, and perhaps more importantly, getting these quotes in an unprecedented timely manner.

Bid Time

We all know that TIME is such an important factor to the bid process, and ultimately the time that it takes to receive actual figures is time lost to better manage your project. You will be ecstatic to know that with Testimator™ you can prepare a complete quote in mere minutes. There is No software to purchase and No licensing fees; you would just need to login and compose your very own bid. Our software was specifically designed to save you time and money, while simultaneously increasing the accuracy of your bid. This easy-to-use tool was explicitly designed for the needs of a first time estimator, but has the functionality that would prove essential to the seasoned veteran.

Testimator™ Unique Features:

• No license or yearly update fees.
• 24 hour technical support
• Free training and follow up assistance
• Cloud based for storing estimates
• Cost effective solutions for all of your project needs
• State Certified Payroll and Davis Bacon compliant

Testimator™ Bid Options:

• Circuit Breaker Testing
• Cable Testing
• Transformer Testing
• Ground Testing
• Motor Testing
• Switch Testing
• Relay & Meter Testing
• MCC & Starter Testing
• Busway & Busduct Testing
• ATS & UPS Testing
• Generator Testing
• DC Battery & Charger Testing
• Switchboard Inspection
• Surge Arrester Testing
• Job Site Generator Rental

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Why Choose Industrial Tests, Inc.?

If you ever had any questions of inquiries while operating Testimator™, let an Industrial Tests, Inc. specialist show you how to use our revolutionary quote generating tool. At any time, we can have one of our service personnel help you, or your project estimators get started. This remains the perfect tool for Change Orders, Emergency Service Calls, or even Fully Detailed Project Estimates.

Industrial Tests, Inc. consistent record of uncompromising ethics instills the confidence and trust you are seeking to lead the testing of your electrical system. We always use the latest advanced technologies to ensure up-to-specification test reports. There are always other testing firms you could choose, but our customers have chosen Industrial Tests, Inc. time and time again for our rapid, high-quality services and our attention to individual needs.